Is your team the PITs?

Are you working with a great team that just can’t seem to deliver? Do you have mavericks putting personal priorities over the team’s best interests?

Are your projects stuck in the PITs? Or is everyone in the team PIsT off? Read on for some TIPs.

These, and other symptoms, can be caused by an imbalance of focus. There are three key components to getting things done with a group of people and they need to be kept in balance.

Alright teach, I’m with you so far. What are these three mystical aspects? (Earth, Wind & Fire? Wine, Chocolate & er… close physical relations?)

I’m glad you asked. The three aspects of getting things done are: Projects, Individuals and Teams.

Projects are about getting stuff done. It’s the hows, whys, whens and whats. It’s about deadlines and success criteria. It’s about making change within a finite (ho ho!) time scale.

The aspect of Individuals regards the behaviour and preferences of the members of the team. What do they want? What do they hope to achieve? What are they looking to get out of their position in the business? What lengths are they prepared to go to?

Team is camaraderie, culture, shared experiences and shared goals. Team will help you enjoy the good times and it’s the Team that will see you through the bad times.

We all have our preferences, our strengths at managing, and different levels of respect for these three areas. That’s understandable. Just be careful before you ignore or dismiss any one aspect.  Imagine the three components to be the three legs of a stool. Neglect any of the three legs and the whole thing falls over.


Got something to add? Please feel free to share your 2p worth in the comments.