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What’s your 4-pack?

(Lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger and his midriff)

Apparently, Arnold Schwarzenegger only ever had a 4-pack. A 4-pack stomach is like a 6-pack stomach but not quite as ‘good’ (some of the abdominal muscles are still covered by body fat), or so I hear. There’s an 8-pack option too.

Genetics meant that even though Arnie was the Mr Olympia for a number of years he was never able to attain a 6-pack.

Did this bother him? Did it hold him back?

I’m not sure we can know the answer to the first question but by most standards the answer to the latter question is a resounding no.

What are the 4-packs in your life, home or business? How much time and effort are you exerting chasing a metaphorical 6-pack? What else could you spend that energy on? Where could you apply the rule of good enough?

The opposite side of the coin from incrementing to awesome is knowing when to stop.




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