Incrementing to Awesome is about taking gentle steps towards a better place. There are three parts to this equation.

Firstly, there’s ‘Incrementing’, the practise of making consistent, tiny, mostly-safe changes. It’s the spirit of Kaizen mixed with the Art of the Possible.

Next, comes ‘Awesome’: the destination of your incrementing journey, whether or not you intend or desire to reach it.

But the most important word, so fundamental it’s not even mentioned?

(If you’re thinking ‘honesty’ here I’m glad the subtle clue worked)

The answer is honesty. (Surprise!)

What do gentle steps look like to you?
What costs are you prepared to pay to take this journey?
Who are you willing to become to become the person you want to be?

Whatever stage of your journey you’re on it’s worth considering these questions, maybe even recording the answers. Our future selves don’t always remember what our past selves intended.

I know I didn’t consider these things early enough and it nearly knocked me off my path.

Hopefully, with a bit of honesty that won’t happen to me again, or anyone else.