How much freedom do you have?
There are two extremes of freedom. At one extreme, you are required to spend almost all of your time and attention simply surviving. There’s no room for anything else. At the other end, you are independently rich with staff to see to your every need. Since you’re reading this I’m going to assume that, like most people, you lie somewhere in the middle.
How much freedom do you really have?
Sometimes we might feel constrained by the particulars of our lives. Work, debt, obligations, families, all might conspire to make us feel trapped. But do you have the power to change those situations? Can you work with your family to overcome issues? Can you leave your job? Can you sell your house? Can you alter your mind-set? The answer to these questions is often yes, it just doesn’t feel like it.
How much freedom do you want?
Sometimes we feel burdened by the sheer range of possibilities open to us. Having more freedom isn’t always good; constraints have been shown to increase creativity. Perhaps deliberately – even arbitrarily – reducing your choices can make the way forward easier. Other times we might truly be suffocated by the boundaries of our lives. Perhaps it will take a difficult and challenging break to get us to where we want to be.
Path to Awesome

Understand your personal freedom, appreciate the freedoms that you do enjoy, recognise the choices that you’ve made and can make to change your situation. Then, once you feel free enough, help others to feel the same.