Focus on Focus

Last year, I put effort into getting focused. It was hard but it felt good. I was getting distracted less, making better progress, for a time.
When things started getting hard, my focus slipped and now I’ve worked out why.
My focus hadn’t been based on conviction; it was more a convenience than anything else, simply the best candidate when I was narrowing down my choices.
Now that I’ve refocused, I’ve discovered the power of focus backed up with conviction. I’m powering through obstacles, gladly. My mind is coming up with relevant ideas and thoughts, rather than the usual scattergun approach of my subconscious. Most importantly, it’s easier than ever to stick to what I’m supposed to be doing.

Now I know that focus requires conviction to back it up it seems obvious. Isn’t that always the case? And that raises a question: what other factors make focus more powerful?