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Know What You Believe In

Know what you believe in.

When times get hard, when threats or opportunities or temptations arise, know what you believe in.

Some beliefs are easy, trivial, commonplace. Others are more controversial or nuanced, unique to yourself, your family, your organisation.

Evaluate your beliefs, record them. Return to them frequently because when the situation is stressful or diverting it’s all too easy to forget what you believe in. And that’s when your beliefs are most important.

Your greatest assets

As a person or as a business, what are your greatest assets?
Take a moment if you will. Think about your answer.
Did your answers include money in the bank, a great product, a house, a car, impressive sales?
Do you feel compelled to protect and develop these assets?
Another question: what could you lose that would shake you to your foundations? What, if taken away, could bring you to your knees?
Your family, health, values, team?

My final question: if the two lists are different, how much time and energy do you currently invest in the former vs the latter?