Better than Nothing

‘Better than nothing’ is normally a dismissive term.

Sure, whatever, better than nothing right?

Let’s look at it from another perspective for a second. Consider the activities in our lives and businesses that contribute nothing to our goals. Pointless meetings, wasting hours on social media, dealing with the wrong kind of clients…

Now think of things that are simple, easy and better than nothing. If you did those things instead of the things with no value at all what do you think the net effect would be? After a day, week, year, lifetime?

A 5 minute walk is better than no exercise. Writing a few words is better than writing none. Reaching out to one person is better than helping no-one.

The best thing is, once these tiny better-than-nothings are in place we can do something very slightly better again.

It could be that the biggest opportunity we get in our lives is the opportunity to do lots of tiny things.