Action Begets Action

Action begets action.

This works in two ways at least: habit-forming and piggy-backing.

Taking regular positive steps, however small, can lead to positive habits. Activities such as writing, expressing gratitude, meditating or taking exercise, when practised daily can form growing, long-lasting habits. It doesn’t even need to take much time. One minute a day is infinitely better than nothing at all, is less than 0.5% of your day, and can lead to much greater things. (Nobody starts a 40 cigarette a day habit by smoking 40 cigarettes on day one…)

Getting things done feels good. Success, however small is its own reward. If you have something that needs doing but you’ve been putting it off, you can use the momentum and positive feeling from completing another task to power you through. I find that doing some gardening is great prep for doing a job I really don’t want to do. Even taking a walk can help break the barrier of ‘I can’t be arsed.’

If you’re stuck, if you’re lost, if you’re procrastinating, try doing something positive yet irrelevant. See if it helps.

If you found this post useful, please take the action of sharing it with someone you think might benefit from it. You just never know where that might lead…